Event Venue Prambanan

Project : Event Venue Prambanan
Location : Magelang – Indonesia
Status : Proposal Design
Working scope : Architecture and Interior Design


The intent of Modern Spanish Colonial Concept applied in our design
is to create a synergy between nature, human as user and the building
itself. It is manifested by large Arc openings, where natural light,
breeze, and the view easily accessed by user. The Arc opening simply
connects indoor and outdoor spaces as if there is no barrier.
A dominant white colour and minimum ornamentation that characterize
the concept, gives a sacral ambience to the wedding ceremony that
conducted in place. Yet, it contrasted the building with the greeneries,
and set it as the vocal point of the site.
A bold colour of black, applied in Arc openings frames in order to
dulcify the dominant white fa├žade of the buildings. And, in order to
emphasize a homey and welcoming ambience, cement tiles of Modern
Spanish Colonial Concept also applied in our design concept.